Baby bottle and accessories sterilizer

Baby bottle and accessories sterilizer

  • 5 minutes since the water starts boiling
  • Auto power off
  • Double protection
  • Baby bottles clamp included
  • Easy to clean
  • Power: 500W
  • For 6 baby bottles

Hygiene is the first concern of every mom and, when feeding time is over, the use of sterilizer for the baby bottle and accessories is a must. Besides the need for products simple to clean, sturdy and affordable, every mom looks for simple to use also.

Therefore, and because baby safety is a priority for U-Grow, our baby bottle and accessories sterilizer will help to keep everything clean an hygiene in no time. It only takes 5 minutes since the water starts boiling. It is a time and power saver, it consumes only 500W, has auto power off function and is very easy to clean.

Our product has double protection and comes with a baby bottles clamp included. It’s power of steam will kill the germs from up to 6 bottles at once, pacifiers, teethers and other baby accessories.



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