Double heater and sterilizer

Bottle warmer (double bottles)              

  • 180° rotating knob, with power indicator
  • Milk heating, food heating and sterilization functions
  • Boil dry protection
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Power: 220-240V, ~50/60Hz, 150W
  • BPA free and non toxic

Many mothers wonder why they would buy a heater when they can use the microwave. Whether you are breast feeding or you are feeding your baby formula, there are important reasons why a heater is a good choice. If you are breast feeding, when you heat up your milk in the microwave, the milk loses a lot of its nutrients and vitamins. When you are feeding your baby with formula milk, heating it up in the microwave can cause hot spots within the baby bottle that you might not notice, spots that can burn your sensitive baby`s month or stomach.

We want to provide you a complete baby feeding solution. That’s why we offer you our baby bottle heater and sterilizer with advanced technology.

Our U-Grow baby bottle heater and sterilizer warms quickly & evenly. Using natural steam to sterilize your baby bottle, the sterilizer kill up to 99.9% of harmful germs without using chemicals.

It has a 180° rotating knob with power indicator. You can safely boil milk, heat food as well as sterilize. It also boils dry protection. With our open design you can easily keep the heating plate clean, allowing you to sterilize with pure steam every time.

Our product is safe with BPA free, so you won’t have to worry about Bisphenol-A in your baby’s milk when you feed her/him from this bottle. Also, the product is made of food-grade, durable, heat-resistant and burst-resistant non-toxic polypropylene.


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