Electronic breast pump and nasal aspirator

2 in 1 Breast pump and Nose cleaner

  • Contain super-absorbent polymers
  • Delicate, comfortable and light
  • 3D outline shape
  • Anti-slip adhesive tape
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • BPA free

Whether your baby is not nursing well (or not nursing at all), you need to increase milk supply or you are inducing lactation for a baby you did not birth, you plan to return to full or part-time job and you want to provide milk for baby or you just prefer to offer expressed milk for any reason, a quality breast pump is the best way to maintain milk supply for your little one.

Our 2 in 1 breast pump and nose cleaner are the next best thing to having your baby at the breast. The pump is fully automatic, with variable cycling times and adjustable suction levels to help avoid nipple discomfort. It is handy and convenient to assemble as the product is made with detachable parts.

The breast pump is powered by batteries and can also be operated by connecting it to a power main. The kit also includes a charger that makes it convenient to carry and charge anywhere you go. Moreover through a special adapter, the breast pump can be easily transformed into a nasal aspirator.

Our U-Grow nasal aspirator is a trendy childcare product, providing many advantages such as softness, high efficiency and ease of use. It can remove mucus from your baby stuffy nose, reducing the number of infections and preventing further complications such as coughs or tummy upsets. Our product can remove even the most stubborn snot from your baby’s nose while keeping your little one comfortable.

Also, the nasal aspirator is made of durable, heat-resistant, burst-resistant material and has 3 liquid silicone tips. The product is portable and flexible, helping you save space while traveling. Our product is BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about Bisphenol-A in your baby’s nose.

With our experience we recommend you to use of a lavage solution for optimum results.


  • Clean the pump with a suitable cleaning product;
  • Remove the removable compartment and sterilize it with boiling water or steam it but not using the microwave. After sterilization, wipe the pump with a dry and soft cloth;
  • Do not expose the pump to direct sunlight and moisture;
  • Do not clean the appliance with corrosive chemicals;
  • Remove the batteries if the pump is not used for a long period of time.

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