Nasal Aspirator U003-NV

Nose cleaner  

  • Cleans baby nasal cavity
  • Constant gentle controlled suction
  • Guaranteed protective and hygienic filter
  • Does not irritate the nasal cavity or baby
  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • BPA free

Infant nasal congestion can be very stressful because babies can become distressed by the blocked nose and have feeding problems. They have a narrow nasal passage, which could lead to stuffy breathing at times. Also, children up to one year of age can breathe only through their noses, that’s why their nose needs extra cleansing and attention. Because, unfortunately, babies don`t yet know how to blow their nose to clear it.

In order to help your baby breathe well, acquire adequate nutrition, have a restful sleep and be comfortable, you need to ensure that your little one has a clean nasal cavity. And this is a challenging task. That’s where a nasal aspirator comes in.

Our U-Grow nasal aspirator is a trendy childcare product, providing many advantages such as softness, high efficiency and ease of use. It can remove mucus from your baby stuffy nose, reducing the number of infections and preventing further complications such as coughs or tummy upsets. Our product can remove even the most stubborn snot from your baby’s nose while keeping your little one comfortable.

Also, the nasal aspirator is made of durable, heat-resistant, burst-resistant material and has 3 liquid silicone tips. The product is portable and flexible, helping you save space while traveling. Our product is BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about Bisphenol-A in your baby’s nose.

With our experience we recommend you to use of a lavage solution for optimum results.


  • 3 silicone aspiration tips
  • 2 spare seals
  • 25 hygienic caps
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries

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