Piston-type nebulizer

Piston-type Nebulizer 

Class IIA medical device (MMD 93/42/EEC).

This is a medical device that generates aerosols for improving breathing, used in respiratory therapies. It is designed to transform liquid medicines into fine, easy-to-inhale particles and to deliver them to the body through the lungs. The nebulizer turns the liquid into fine droplets, creating an aerosol spray or mist, easy to breathe into the lungs through a mouthpiece.

Included accessories:

  • adult mask
  • pediatric mask
  • „easyneb” medicine cup
  • nosepiece
  • air connection hose
  • mouthpiece

Technical data:

  • Particles dimensions: <5μm MMAD
  • Operating conditions: ambient temperature 5°C min. to 40°C max.
  • Air humidity: 15% RH min. – 93% RH max.
  • Atmospheric pressure: 700 hPa min. – 1060 hPa max.

Storage conditions:

  • Ambient temperature -25°C min. – +70°C max.
  • Air humidity: 0% RH min. – 93% RH max.
  • Atmospheric pressure: 500 hPa min. – 1060 hPa max.
  • Technical features: 230V, ~50Hz, 120VA

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