Standard neck baby bottle 120 ml single pack

2 pack- 4 oz (120 ml) boot shape bottle w/peristaltic nipple, normal neck

Twin pack

  • Standard neck opening
  • Suitable for feeding milk & juice
  • Anti colic nipple
  • Made of food-grade, non-toxic polypropylene
  • Colorless, lightweight and highly resistant
  • Smooth and easy to clean inner walls, heat resistant: 120 °C
  • BPA Free
  • Flow: S (0-3 months)

Finding the right bottles for your baby is one of the most important decisions for its growth and development. Therefore, besides the need for products simple to clean, sturdy and affordable, every mom will choose the feeding bottles that offer a comfortable nourishing feeding experience for her baby.

We know that and we developed a modern baby bottle range to make the transition from breast to bottle feeding easier. Our baby bottle also comes with a special anti-colic nipple that lets air flow steadily into the bottle, not into your baby stomach and minimizes infant colic.

The boot shape bottle has a standard neck opening which are designed for your baby to easily drink from and a peristaltic nipple that encourage the natural movement of your baby’s tongue, and ensure optimum development of baby’s facial and jaw muscles.

Our product is safe with BPA free, so you won’t have to worry about Bis-phenol-A in your baby’s milk when you feed her/him from this bottle. Also, the product is made of food-grade, non-toxic polypropylene.

The feeding bottle is suitable for feeding milk & juice, colorless, lightweight, transparent, highly resistant and not easily deform-able. It is smooth and easy to clean inner walls also and that helps make feeding time enjoyable for babies and moms and dads alike.

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