Travelling With a Baby? Here’s Your Definitive Checklist


Travelling with a baby is not a cakewalk for both the parent and the child. Right from focusing on baby’s comfort to managing a stress-free travel, parents have to be prepared with all the essential items that can help make their journey smooth and hassle free! Understanding the importance of a child’s safety and comfort, U-Grow bring in a checklist of some amazing products that can make your travelling much easier and convenient!

As a hands-on parent, it is important to be fully prepared with the arms & ammunition while travelling with your child. Since, a baby can have his mood swings anytime, anywhere, these essential items will come handy for you to manage the situation well and calm the baby within the snap of a finger!

Ten Essentials Things to keep in mind while planning to travel with a baby

  • Bottle warmer: Your baby can be a little fussy & cranky and may ask for food anytime anywhere. As a doting parent, you should always be prepared with a feeding bottle and a bottle warmer that has the ability to maintain the liquid (milk) in the bottle at a constant temperature. The Bottle Warmer by U-Grow has some amazing features that make it an important item you must have while travelling with the baby.

With 180° rotating knobs, power indicator, milk heating/food heating and sterilization functions, the bottle warmer are a must buy! These are also available with features such as boil dry protection, accessories such as food cup and container.  

  • A milk container: The milk containers are used for keeping the baby food in a safe container which will not leak or drop the food. Being non-toxic, lightweight and glossy, durable and not-so-easily deformable, the milk containers are generally made from food grade polypropylene. A transparent container, visible milk powder quantity and three compartments that can be used individually for both milk powder and food are the USP of the product.
  • Booster seat: A baby booster is important because you cannot always hold the baby as it will be really tiring especially while travelling. The baby, on the other hand, will also feel uneasy and restless if you hold him all the time. A baby booster will offer comfort, freedom of movement and a comfortable position while s/he is sitting in the car. This seat can only be installed in vehicles equipped with 3-point safety belts and is approved according to the EEC Regulation.
  • Baby Stroller: When you are going out, a baby stroller come handy as you can keep the baby in the stroller and let yourself free for some time. It is foldable & can be carried easily while moving from one place to the other. However, while buying a stroller keep in mind the size of the baby in terms of height & weight, the strength, and the manufacturing company so that you are sure & confident while placing your baby in the stroller.
  • Inflatable Mattress for Cars: Travelling with a baby can be really exhausting as the baby may not sit or behave as per your instructions. S/he needs his space to move around or to crawl, basically, the freedom of movement. The inflatable mattress for cars is a perfect item to ease this concern. It is portable, easy to carry & maintain and lets your baby sleep while travelling to long distances in the car. The baby can easily move around without falling in between the seats.
  • A Teether or a Toothbrush: A teether is the first step in soothing a baby who is struggling with itching in the jaws, this not only makes the baby restless but may accentuate your problems and inconvenience while travelling the baby. Therefore, always keep a teether in your travel bag and use it whenever you think the baby is feeling uncomfortable. A toothbrush is also important for slightly younger children. This habit goes a long way in embarking healthy, hygienic habits.
  • A Folding Bath Tub: This product brings in a lot of fun for the baby as they are compact, easy to carry and can be used anytime & anywhere. Therefore, whenever you are out on a holiday, you can let your baby enjoy to the fullest with this amazing folding bath tub. These are available in a variety of colors and patterns that attract the children and catch their attention.
  • A Play Mat: A colorful play mat is the best thing to keep the children busy during a relaxing holiday. Pack this essential item while you travel with the babies so that even they can enjoy! The play mats are easy to carry, easy to wash and maintain and is available in the market at a highly affordable price. Choose the best one according to your preference.
  • A Bib Set: A bib set is an essential product for the babies. Apart from its cute look, it has a great functional aspect of keeping the baby clean while feeding. Use it while feeding the baby to keep him clean and to avoid spoiling their clothes. There are plenty of bib sets in the market in some amazing designs and patterns, choose the best one according to your choice!
  • Diapers, plastic bags, and Blankets: These are few essentials that are important items that cannot be left behind while travelling! Disposable changing pads are important to keep the baby fresh and clean. Wipes, tissues and diaper rash cream are other important elements to be kept in your handbag to make your journey easy with the child.

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