10 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Importance of Holi

Holi is one of the most vibrant and colourful festivals of India. People across the country celebrate the festival with enthusiasm and zest. While the water balloons, pichakri’s, colours, singing, dancing and getting drenched in the water are great fun, every year we hear about many unpleasant accidents that make this colorful festival more dangerous than enjoyable. Thus, while we celebrate Holi this year let’s teach our kids the real meaning behind celebrating Holi. From teaching importance of Holi to be safe, we need to teach them all.

We all have grown up hearing many stories about Holika Dahan, Prahlad, and Hiranyakshyap. There are also mythological stories that talk about how Krishna took extreme delight while applying colour to Radha and other gopis. Few stories describe that Holi is also a celebration of the death of Pootna who tried to kill the infant Krishna by feeding her poisonous milk. Similarly, there are many other stories spread across the country related to the celebration of Holi. Various aspects of Holi have different significances. By teaching them their significance, we give them reasons to cherish and heartily celebrate the festival with much more enthusiasm than before.

Here we are sharing with you all things you can share with your child to teach the importance of Holi while keeping safety as the top priority.

1) Cultural Significance – Holi has a strong traditional significance backed with mythological stories. It shows Prahlad’s devotion towards God and how he took him in his shelter when Hiranyakshyap tried to kill his own son. The legends from our mythology help people to follow good conduct and be truthful in their lives. It is also that time of the year when the farms are full and are ready to be harvested which gives reason to rejoice and celebrate.

2) Social Significance – Holi helps to bring people together and strengthening the bonds. This is one festival that is celebrated even by non-Hindu’s as everybody loves to take part in this joyous festival. People forget the difference between rich and poor and come together to celebrate during the day and in evening they visit each other at home to exchange gifts and sweets.

3) Kids Safety – Given the chemicals used in the Holi Colours it’s important that you buy only herbal colours for your celebration. Ask your kids to avoid putting colours in eyes and mouth. Also, water balloons should be avoided since they tend to hit in the wrong places hurting someone or the other. Ensure that you apply lots of moisturizer on your child’s skin along with applying ample amount of oil on the hair to protect against the harsh Holi colours. It’s imperative that you keep a close eye on your kids while they are busy playing Holi along with their friends.

4) Moral Values – Holika Dahan symbolizes the opportunity to burn all the evil inside and outside. It’s that time when people put all the junk in the bonfire and destroys the evil outside and from within too. Teach your child about being good to others and being truthful always. Show them ways to kill the evil within and be good to the world.

5) Colours – It’s one of the best ways to teach your kids about various colours. It’s like play and learns. When they play with so many different colours they tend to learn and recognize them better. You can try and make natural colours at home using vegetables and flowers at home.

6) Unity – Given the spirit of Holi people come together to celebrate this festival of colours. There are different colours but same enthusiasm. On this day people unite without differentiating between social class, religion, rich and poor etc. It’s a festival of equality and as a parent one should pass this message to the kids so that also accept and learn oneness and love.

7) The Significance of Nature – Holi marks the arrival of the spring season, a king of all seasons. Help your kids notice new leaves on trees, new blossoms, Long days and late sunsets. With the beauty of nature around let your child fall in love with the season and natural surroundings. Encourage use of eco-friendly colours and avoid using chemicals on Holi which in turns beneficial for the surroundings.

8) Importance of Family – It’s a festival of family gatherings to celebrate Holi together. It’s a great opportunity for families to bond together and bring family members closer. By meeting your family members teach your child the importance of strengthening the family bonds and relations. All these activities would help your child understand that Holi is to eliminate hatred and foster harmony.

9) Art and Crafts – Holi celebrations can be a perfect time to teach your child new art and craft activities. You can help them make greeting cards and Holi banners that could find a place in your living room. You can encourage them to make colourful flowers just like the Holi colours. So, indulge your child in Holi activities and watch them do and learn something new this Holi.

10) Spread Happiness – Holi brings along with it lot of happiness and merrymaking. Everyone around seems to be in the happy and joyful mood. Kids especially love this a lot. Add on to their enthusiasm by teaching them that happiness, celebration, and festivities are a universal phenomenon and that they multiply when shared with others.

With Holi just around the corner just follow basic safety guidelines and also with valuable lessons shared above teach them the importance of holi. Holi celebrations is an opportunity to teach your kids some new lessons which they would love to practice lifelong.

Happy Holi to All!!!

By Rakhi Parsai,
A professional parenting blogger and a mother to an adorable 5 year old munchkin.

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