7 Essentials Range of Products to Buy for Your Newborn

Pregnancy by far is the most beautiful experiences one could ever be part of. Not just for mothers but for fathers too, it is a life-changing and a very beautiful moment. For the women to create, nurture, grow and give birth to another little human being is nothing less than extraordinary. Right from the day you see those two pink lines a mother starts making plans for her baby. She makes a lot of virtual plans and how she is going to bring them to reality. From decorating the nursery all by herself to making plans on buying the best of baby products. The list just goes on and on.

Having said that there are also mothers who are confused about the must-have essential products for the babies. Especially in case of first-time moms, they are always looking for advice and suggestions around her. Here we are sharing the list of top products that need to be part of your kitty for your before or after welcoming the newborn.

1) Baby Clothes- You cannot imagine how much laundry you are going to end up doing with a newborn. It’s best to stock up plenty of body suits, sleep suits, onesies, t-shirts, cloth nappies, socks, caps, wrap around mittens & booties and much more before or after the baby arrives. Baby socks are famous for getting disappeared in a mysterious manner so be sure to stock them in plenty too. Many families have a custom of buying the clothes once the baby arrives. So be sure to keep these items on your shopping list as soon as the bun is out.

2) Diapers- Whether you are planning to opt for cloth diapers or disposable ones its ideal to stock them up in advance so that you are not falling short of them while dealing with a countless number of changes in initial days of baby’s life. Don’t stock too much of them of the same size as you never know when your baby might outgrow them. Do remember and add a diaper rash cream to protect the soft skin of your baby.

3) Nursery & essential gears-  To welcome the newborn at home his room definitely calls for a cute and adorable décor. From a lovely looking crib to a soothing rocking chair you would find them very useful. Along with the nursery décor do remember to buy essential baby gears that would be great use right after you step out of the hospital with your little bundle of joy. Check out the sturdy and durable car seat, rocker and stroller offered by Ugrow for the baby and his growing needs.

4) Bathing essentials- Bath time can be fun as well as little worrying about your soft as a satin baby who is at the high risk of slipping from your hands while giving a bath. It’s best to be prepared with all the necessary gears. Ensure that you are armed with baby bathtub, soap & shampoos, towels, hairbrush and gentle laundry detergent. Check out this amazing anti slip bathing tub that would for sure become one of your favorites.

5) Feeding accessories- Breastfeeding your baby is the best part of being a mother. With the newborn at home, you got to be prepared for feeding round the clock- that means whether you are planning to breastfeed or bottle feed you would need the right gear to support you. Be sure to buy few key things like a set of the pacifier, breast pumps, breast pads, feeding bottle, bottle brush, bibs and much more. For all your feeding need Ugrow has an amazing range of feeding products. Don’t forget to check them out.

6) Baby’s skin care- Now that your newborn is home and you are settling in your day to day routine. Keeping your baby safe and the sound is on top of your list. Similarly, baby’s skin care is equally important. Newborn skin is delicate and easily prone to get rashes, dryness, irritation, and chafing. You can easily protect your baby with all the skin troubles by using sensitive and chemical free products for your babies like moisturizers, lotions, face creams, massage oils, hair oils, talcum powders and much more.

7) Health products- Very small and delicate that they are, they do need grooming and lots of care. When you child happens to fall sick, you need to be prepared with right essentials for your baby care. Keep items like a thermometer, nasal aspirator, nail clippers and first aid kit for emergencies. You could also keep few important medicines for fever, cold, colic pain in your kit post consulting with the doctor.

There is ample of advice available for parents and parents to be on what to buy and how much to buy. When it comes to taking care of the baby parents leave no stone unturned. They buy and use best of products and brands for their childcare. However, with smart and early planning you can buy all the essential products without having to spend too much on them. Hope you like the list shared here on the newborn essentials. Do share your experience and smart tips on shopping for these tiny-winy cute little babies.

By Rakhi Parsai,
A professional parenting blogger and a mother to an adorable 5 year old munchkin.

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