Baby Gear Guide – Tips to Choose the Best Baby Gears for Your Child

Gone are the days when the best baby gear for a newborn or a toddler used to be parents’ arms and lap. Babies used to be carried by parents in all possible places. However, things have changed drastically over a period of time and parenting has become relatively easier for parents and for family members as well. Time has come when even before the birth of the baby would be parents are out on the shopping spree choosing the best baby gear possible. The moment you walk in the baby store you will probably be overwhelmed by the variety of baby gear options available.

Buying anything for your child brings immense joy and happiness. Baby gear products like stroller, convertibles, bouncers, buggies etc. are expensive and the babies outgrow them in a short period. It’s imperative that before investing in baby gear you look into the features, comfort, and usage of these products. To help you sort through the options available in the market and make an informed buying decision we bring to you a detailed baby gear guide and tips that might help you get the best baby gears for your little one.

Car Seat

As a new parent, nothing is more important for you than the safety of your child. Car seats are one of the most important baby gears to buy for your child. While looking to buy a car seat do consider the model of your car. Not all models of car seat fit the car so check out different options available in the market that are cozy for your child and also goes with your car model. Having a car seat that can be easily carried around is great for parents as the baby while sleeping can also be carried around without disturbing the sleeping child. Since babies outgrow baby gear very quickly it’s important that you buy a car seat that can be used for a substantial amount of time and is worth the fortune spent. While looking to buy for my own child I came across this wonderful car seat that U-grow has. Do check out its interesting features here.

Baby Stroller

A baby stroller is an important baby gear until your child learns to walk. They are no less than the feet of your child as the baby will see the world sitting comfortably on the stroller. There are wide varieties available in the market to buy from that comes in different sizes and comfort options. It’s always advisable to choose strollers that easily foldable and are lightweight to carry anywhere. Before making a buying, decision do check out the quality of stroller. For example, the fabric on the stroller should be sturdy and not tear easily, brakes that work efficiently, and one that gets folded easily. In case you love to travel often then go for strollers that are lightweight and can be lifted easily without causing any strain to your back.

In case you are blessed with twins then go for twin strollers to easily carry both the kids together. Key features to consider while buying a stroller should be safety, wheels and handles, and accessories. Buy a stroller that is sturdy and remain stable on uneven roads as well. The safety harness should be in place to keep the child secure. Brakes are equally, in fact, more important to avoid any slip offs. Last but not least you could check for reviews online for the various varieties of strollers available. In one such review, I came across the foldable stroller available at U-grow. Check them out here.

Baby rocker

There is nothing more pleasant than watching your baby sleep peacefully and be at rest. Baby rocker is quite helpful when you are trying to calm your baby down in those early months. The rocker is usually battery operated and they bounce, swing, and even vibrate from side to side. Mums who are trying to multi-task along with the baby may find is extremely helpful as you can leave the baby safely in it and finish a few chores parallelly. While looking to buy a baby rocker do check out different models with comfortable seat cushion, that has a 3-point or 5-point harness. Ensure that the rocker is sturdy and firm so that it provides safety and comfort for the baby. I really liked a baby rocker by U-grow since it also has toys included over the top.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers weren’t that common in India till sometime back. However, the concept of carrying your baby has been present from time immemorial. Baby carriers are a huge blessing when you are planning on being out for a long time and wish to multi-task. While choosing a carrier do ensure that the carrier is made from soft, organic fabric and doesn’t have a plastic-y feel to it. Slipping your baby in and out of the carrier should be easy and swift. It should provide support in the shoulder, hip and waist. Also, buy a baby carrier that is made of breathable mesh cloth to keep your baby cool and cozy.

Baby Buggy

Baby buggy is ideal for everyday use. They are lightweight and easily foldable. Parents who are looking to travel often or ones who visit outdoor places often can use these buggies to carry the baby easily without having to lift the child much. These buggies are quite useful for kids who are stable body movements and are able to hold themselves. While purchasing a buggy check out safety harness and safety hinge to ensure safe ride around. Having a break and locking mechanism in the wheels will help in ensuring the safety of your child on slopes as well. In case you are a multi-tasking mom and manage daily chores along with the child it would be great to buy a buggy with a shopping basket attached. Mums can be handsfree after shopping and just focus on the child by keeping stuff in the shopping basket. Do check for the maximum weight it can carry and then accordingly make a buying decision. Since I am a multi-tasking mum, I liked a buggy by U-grow that has round canopy included on top for protection from sunlight. It also has a shopping basket that makes life easier for mums like me.

For everything related to baby do check for safety measures before making a buying decision. In case you are planning to buy a pre-loved baby, gear be sure of its condition and usability for a particular period of time. In case you are planning to have more than one kids you could buy items that would last longer and are sturdy. There are quite a lot of options available in the market for all kinds of baby gear. However, it’s an individual choice and reasons of buying these baby gears would be unique to them only. Don’t go for over expensive items without checking for the utility of the product thoroughly. Before buying always do some research about why you would need the particular baby gear and accordingly buy one.

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