Benefits of Using a Potty Seat to Train Your Child

Initial few years of a child’s life generally leaves parents with sleepless nights and a lot of time spent running around and regular changing diapers. The ideal time to give potty training to your child can vary from parent to parent. I still remember the time when we had become parents for the first time and were looking to train our daughter. We personally wanted to train her as early as possible and had started with it around 9 months of our daughter. Aside from various methods used by us to potty train our daughter, potty seat played a major role.

In fact, as a parent this question started pricking me as soon as my child turned 9 months “is this is the right time to potty train my child?” or “how to potty train, my child?” Such questions are and every parent comes across these thoughts. We are the ones who play a major role in teaching healthy habits to our kids and early learning plays a great role for a healthy start to life.

Each child is unique and so is the phase of learning for them. Some speak early, some walk early some get potty trained early and some late. Ideally, babies in the ages of 18 to 24 months should be potty trained.

When we potty train or toilet train our child, it is very important to identify and to list down some of the essential items that we require for this process.

Essential items require for potty training are:

1.    Potty seat or potty chair

2.    Changing mats

3.    Potty training pants

4.    Whips flushable

5.    And most importantly patience and perseverance.

Today, in this post I will share how a potty seat plays an important role in the entire potty-training cycle.

Let’s understand first to identify the best potty seat for your child.

How to find the best potty seat?

1.    Try to get the best brand, branded baby gears are made from the trusted material.

2.    Try to identify the model as per your need so that when your child is in a playful mood it should not tip off.

3.    Go for a model that has a pull-out drawer, to clean the baby’s poop.

4.    Go for the potty-chair that has good back support or high back support or front handle to hold that gives your child a comfortable place to sit. 

5.    Kids potty chair nowadays have lovely designs. Take your child for shopping and let him choose his favorite chair. This will help and motivate the child to become familiar with the potty seat.  

6.    The potty chair now a day it comes with kids or toddler-friendly missing functions that encourages the child to sit on the chair and keep him busy as well.

Benefits of potty chair:

Potty chair plays an important role in transitioning of a child from the diaper phase to toilet trained toddler. Well, it’s not easy or that quick for a child and parents. Potty chair or potty seat plays an important role in potty training.

Size of a potty seat is small and that helps in introducing formal toilets to a toddler. This makes the child understand the urge of using the potty.  It gives an understanding to a child that for potty there is a specific place and he should inform parents to make him sit whenever there is an urge of a potty. 

Potty seats are comfortably designed for a toddler. He is in the learning phase to walk during this time kids may lose balance and fall down. The potty chair gives support, feet on the floor, and fewer chances to such accident. These seats are easy to clean and skin friendly for a child. With this, there are fewer chances of infection too. During playtime kids often sit on the potty seat this gives them feel of comfort and make their brain attached towards a potty chair.

In case you are a parent looking to potty train your child do check out some amazing seats available at U-grow. These are specially designed potty chair for your child. These potty seats from U-grow are BPA free, non-toxic, with backrest or front handle clutch. Potty seats are usually safe for children from age 1 to 4 years and quite helpful in teaching basic toilet habits. Since they are available on vibrant colours kids are easily attracted to them and would like to get into the routine of using them. Hope you liked the post. Do share your experience of potty training with your kids in comment section below. And stay tuned for more coming up on parenting and more.


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