This Is How You Can Mosquito-Proof Your House This Summer

With summer vacations knocking on the door parents begin planning ways to keep kids engaged for a period of good 2 months. From looking out for indoor activities to the outdoor ones too. We are sure that you would agree, summer is the most favorite season for kids. The sun is out and shining and birds are chirping. This most loved season also brings along dreading mosquitoes that can cause some serious damage to the family.

In fact, summer is the favorite season for mosquitoes too and these blood lovers can also feed on you and your family in the house if necessary precautions are not taken care of. Here are few key things that can help you mosquito-proof your home this summer.

  • Clear out stagnant water- Stagnant or standing water is known to be the breeding ground for the mosquitoes. From toys left on the lawn, plates under the pots to open garbage cans- avoid water getting collected anywhere near your house. Remove any sort of stagnant water as that provides a favorable condition for female mosquitoes to lay eggs. In fact, check out areas around your house for any standing water and try to get rid of it to subsequently get rid of mosquitoes.
  • Use of mosquito repellent and coils- In spite of the precautions we take mosquitoes still find a way to reach and bite you. In such situations, mosquito repellent is your best friend and one of the effective solutions. There is a variety of mosquito repellent available in the market that can be used on the clothes and even on the skin. You could choose after reading the instructions on the pack. They are usually safe for the babies as well. However, it’s advisable to check with your pediatrician and then buy one that suits your requirement.
  • Net up your windows and doors- Mosquitoes prefer to dine when you are in your dead slumber during the night time. However, preventing mosquito bites can be done with the use of a net. You could put a mosquito net around your bed and also have screens on the doors and windows. It’s advisable to use and repair holes in screens to ensure mosquitoes stay outside.
  • Dress up properly- Mosquitoes breed on the exposed skin hence its best to dress up properly. Wearing lightweight and light-colored clothes that hide the exposed skin on arms and legs is the best solution. As they get attracted to dark colors so prefer using the light ones. So, shut your black and navy back to the closet and embrace trendy summer whites and pretty pastels. Instead of shorts and T-shirts, think long-sleeve shirts or pants. There are plenty of lightweight options available in the market for perfect summer nights.
  • Pot mosquito repellent plants- Nature has the best cure for most of the human problems. Similarly, mosquitoes can be controlled by potting in plants that produce defensive chemicals to deter these blood loving mosquitoes. You could pot fragrant plants like citronella, rosemary, peppermint, basil and lemon balm. Fragrant candles with these natural scents are also a great option to ward off mosquitoes. To make these plants more effective rub there leaves on and off as that helps in emitting the strong scent that mosquitoes stay away from.
  • Stay away from mosquito’s happy hours- Mosquitoes are known to be most active during the dusk and dawn. In order to stay safe try to engage in activities during the time when they aren’t active and pose minimum threat. Though there are species that are also active during the daytime and they are known to cause dreadful diseases like dengue and malaria too. In order to stay protected against mosquitoes, in general, keep indoors well protected with net and use of repellent as well.
  • Get a pest control done– To stay clear from the mosquitoes in and around your house its best to get a pest control done. There are professional agencies who provide pest control as per your needs and requirements.

Summer brings along with it lots of fun, entertainment and gets together for families. However, families in just about every part of the country are at high risk of having their good time ruined by the threat of mosquitos. Even if the mosquitoes are not carrying viruses or other diseases, they appear to be on a mission to ruin summer fun and health. With little precaution and care you can easily keep them away from your home and family. Hope you like reading these ideas to keep the pesky insects away.

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