Common Pregnancy Challenges and Solutions for Moms to Be

You see those two pink lines and are elated with the thought of having conceived. From small hands, cute little booties and mittens, innocent eyes to toothless smiles, everything comes to your eyes like the best dream of your life. While you rejoice the positive pregnancy test, a host of tiring and frustrating ailments come along to take the wind out of your sails. Yes, this beautiful phase of a women’s life is accompanied by various pregnancy challenges. Not all these challenges stay along for the entire nine months but every trimester, for that matter every month brings along with a set of new pregnancy challenges.
There are few lucky moms to be who sail through without facing a single problem. However, for the ones who suffer from various pregnancy challenges we have listed down a list of most common problems faced during the period of nine months and ways to overcome them.

1. Increased toilet visits- Increased HCG hormone in the body causes increased urination especially during the first trimester. Once you are over the first three months you might get some relief from frequent toilet trips. However, once you are in last trimester the toilet visits are back with vengeance due to the growing pressure on the uterus. You could get some relief by avoiding caffeine, liquids right before bedtime, visit toilet as and when you get the urge and try to lean forward while peeing to empty the bladder completely.

2. Nausea & morning sickness- Well, blessed are the ones who do not suffer from this problem. However, there are also some women who can never forget this word “morning sickness” due to the immense trouble it causes. Usually most women get some relief after the first trimester. In case you don’t get relief try having small meals and small amount of fluids several times during the day. Doctor prescribed medicine also helps in overcoming the nausea problem.

3. Extreme fatigue- Bringing the baby in this world is a huge task and requires body to do extra work that leads to extreme fatigue. The best solution to this problem is resting as much as you can. Go to bed as early as you can and try to take small naps during the day.

4. Heartburn- Hormonal changes occurring in the body along with the growing belly makes it easier for the acids to move up in the throat and cause burning sensation. In most cases doctors will advise taking smaller but frequent meals along with antacids that are safe during pregnancy. Avoiding oily, fried and spicy food can save you from the extreme case of burning in chest and throat. You could also have cold milk to get rid of constant heartburn.

5. Constipation- It’s one of the most uncomfortable and common challenge faced by women during pregnancy. Increased level of progesterone hormone in the body causes the digestion system to go haywire. To get rid of this uncomfortable problem eat high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Include plenty of liquid in your diet and stay as active as you can. Body movements and regular activity helps in keeping the digestion in place.

6. Itching Belly- Stretch marks are the symbol of this beautiful phase and there is no sure shot way to get rid of them or not get them entirely. However, you can try and reduce the occurrence by maintaining healthy weight. You could also use stretch mark lotion to keep your skin hydrated to avoid itchy belly.

7. Painful back- Growing weight on the front side of the body shifts the center of gravity causing back pain for pregnant women. With the growing tummy and weeks of pregnancy most pregnant women complain of low to severe back pain. Rest is the best medicine in such cases. However, with little care like choosing the right footwear, avoiding forward bending & standing for long time, squatting every time you need to pick something up, staying active, waking regularly and using heating pad when required can help the sore back immensely.

8. Gestational diabetes- Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that usually occurs during pregnancy and usually vanishes after birth. Doctors usually check for the same around 24-28th week of pregnancy. In case you are diagnosed with the same you need to get your sugar tested frequently via blood and routine urine tests. Making healthy dietary changes can help you get keep your sugar in control as well.

9. Pregnancy-induced high BP- Some women develop high blood pressure during their pregnancies and usually it happens during the last trimester. High BP leads to complication in pregnancy and delivery as well. With proper medication, exercise, healthy diet BP can be kept in control. Keep a close watch on any unusual symptom and do share with your doctor.

10. Tender and sore breasts- This is usually one of the first symptom of pregnancy coupled with others. Tenderness and pain in the breast can be part of you throughout the nine months. Ensure that you wear a proper fitting bra all the time, even during night time. This will help in keeping them firm and avoid sagging as well. You could use warm compress if the pain is unbearable. Don’t forget to discuss this with your doctor if the pain is more than bearable.

11.Breathlessness- Usually in the first trimester increased progesterone levels in the body can make breathing little difficult. Also, during the last trimester due to space crunch as your uterus expands you can again feel shortness of breath. To get some relief stand as straight as you can to give lungs enough space to do their job. Sleep on your left side as that helps in proper circulation. Try not to stress yourself out and rest as much as you can.

In spite of all the challenges faced by women, this phase gives them the most beautiful and lasting memory of their lifetime. With little care and awareness, you can easily tide through some of the challenges mentioned above. Hope you find some relief reading these problems and solutions shared by us against each. Do share your pregnancy experience and tips and tricks used by you to get over some of these problems. Stay tuned for more on parenting on U-grow. Happy parenting!

By Rakhi Parsai,
A professional parenting blogger and a mother to an adorable 5 year old munchkin.

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