Creating Atmosphere for ‘A Good Night’s Sleep’ for Your Baby

Sleep is one of the most important things when you are dealing with an infant. Even after using end number of techniques, night-nursing, and lullabies, your baby just doesn’t seem to have a sound sleep. Experienced parents who have passed through this phase have enough suggestions for the new parents, right from things like holding a baby in a particular position to swaying them to the sleep or feeding the baby with a particular food item and many more… While there are various ways to get your baby into sound sleep, it is the perfect ambiance and the atmosphere that can play a major role in ensuring a good night’s sleep for your baby.

U-Grow has come up with a bucket list of things that can create a perfect atmosphere in your child’s room for a sound sleep.

A Cozy, Comfortable Baby Crib Set

The sleeping bed of the baby should be high on comfort. Right from the design to the size, bedding, and cushions, everything has to be just perfect. Children are fussy and may not like their bedding and that’s why they are uncomfortable while sleeping in their bed. The baby crib set should be appealing with just the right size, it should have enough space to move around freely with colorful sheets that should catch their attention. A crib set along with a toy at the top further helps in focusing child’s attention which will help him go to sleep. The sheets in soft, soothing, pastel colors look great in the room and play important role in calming the child.


Junior Red Fox & Owl Bed for the Imaginative Toddlers

If the baby is big enough to sleep solo on the bed, this red fox & owl bed is ideal. Available in a variety of colors and designs, we are sure every child will love sleeping on this bed. Not only you can create stories around the characters on the bed but invoke the child’s imagination by involving them in bed-time stories!


Soft, Soothing Lighting to create the Ambiance

The perfect lighting in a child’s room can help you set the sleep routine for your child. Pulling down the shades, dimming the light or humming, everything goes in the process of putting the child to sleep. The placement of light and automatic features like changing the light color, and on/off feature plays an important role in creating that perfect ambiance for a child’s sleep.


Comfortable Clothing for Happy Sleep

Clothing may be one of the reasons why your child is not having a sound sleep. Synthetic fabrics can hinder with sound sleep, and hence, use natural fibers like cotton. A comfortable nightwear made from soft fabrics eases the child and allow him to relax.


Maintain the Right Room Temperature

Always maintain a perfect temperature in the baby’s room. Too cold or too hot temperature is a major barrier for a sound sleep. The right balance is the key. According to American Academy of Pediatrics, a temperature of 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal to prevent SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome)

Bedtime Message is a good Idea

A nice 15 minutes short massage stimulates sleep. However, apply moderate pressure and do gentle strokes all over the child’s body to relax his muscles. Baby oil with a soothing fragrance adds on to the process of a sound sleep.

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