This is Why Nasal Aspirators are must have for Baby Care

Whether you are a first-time parent or a second or subsequent one, you for sure are going to experience nasal congestion in your baby. It is one of the situations that can make best of babies behave weird, cranky, irritable and overall upset. Their sleep is disrupted and the whole world of parents goes upside down.

Given the fact almost until 7-8 years of their age, they don’t master the art of blowing nose hence it becomes utmost important for parents to help clear the nasal passage of babies/toddlers and till the time kids are over 5 years. For a newborn blocked nose can be a very severe condition as it interferes with breathing & breastfeeding and keeps the baby from drinking milk to his fill. With the advancement of medical technology U-Grow has recently launched one of its revolutionary 2 in 1 electronic breast pump and a nasal aspirator to help your baby have a congestion-free nasal passage.

Nasal aspirator is a small device that helps draw the snot from baby’s nose with a suction mechanism. They are more efficient, less invasive and easier to use in comparison to bulb syringe. It is a user-friendly product that is efficient and comes well in your budget. Nasal aspirator by U-Grow is quite a trendy childcare product that assures high efficiency, softness, and ease of use. It helps in removing mucus from the baby’s nose, in turn, reducing the number of infections and preventing further medical complications like allergies, coughs, upset stomach and sinus.

Here are few tips to use the nasal aspirator to clean baby’s nasal passage.

  1. Make the baby lie on his back and hold him in one position.
  2. Wash your hands before starting the process and also sanitize the equipment
  3. Try putting 2-3 drops of saline solution to see if it clears some amount of congestion
  4. In case saline solution doesn’t help try using a nasal aspirator. In case you are using electronic nasal aspirator try checking the suction level on your fingertips and then use on the baby.
  5. Gently place the nozzle in the baby’s nostril and suck the mucus. It will be released from the baby’s nose into the nozzle. Try to be as gentle as possible to avoid hurting the nasal tissues.
  6. Use twice or thrice a day. Over-usage can damage or irritate the nose lining.
  7. Wash and sanitize your hands and equipment before and after usage.
  8. These products have complete ‘how to use directions’. Follow them. Get familiar with the product before using.

Newborns have a narrow nasal passage, which could lead to difficulty in breathing at times. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that your bundle of joy has a clear nasal passage which could help him in breathing comfortably and have restful sleep and are overall comfortable. Using nasal aspirators can hugely help in clearing the nose of your baby. Nasal aspirator by U-grow are made of durable, heat-resistant, burst-resistant material and has 3 liquid silicone tips. It’s quite portable and easy to carry along while traveling as well. Considering the fact that its BPA-free, parents need not worry about Bisphenol-A in your baby’s nose.

Hope you find these tips helpful. In case of persistent snot, consult your pediatrician at the earliest.

By Rakhi Parsai,
A professional parenting blogger and a mother to an adorable 5 year old munchkin.

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