2 in 1 scale

2 in 1 Baby scale

  • 0-10 years old
  • Max 40kg
  • Compact
  • “Tare” function
  • High precision sensor
  • Blue LCD screen
  • Automatic stop
  • Excess weight alert
  • Measurement unit setting possible
  • Strong platform


We know how important is your baby`s development for you, that`s why we present you an efficient and fun way to accurately record and monitor your baby’s weight changes in the comfort of your home. However, keep in mind that all children are unique and it is important to realize that they will grow and develop at different rates.

Our 2 in 1 baby scale is perfect to weigh babies and children. It is provided with a comfortable two-section tray, without blocking the display for reading. Children aged 0 to 10 years can be weighted standing.

The scale comes with “Tare” function and that way you can weigh your little one accurately with additional items on the scale such as a blanket, soft mat or towel wrapped around the infant for warmth and comfort. The weight of the additional item can be reliably deducted from the baby’s weight. The high precision sensor ensures the most accurate and consistent readings of weight.

Our product has a sensor that alerts you about excess weight and it also stops automatically. Lastly according to your preferences, you can set the measurement unit. The scale is made of durable and burst-resistant material.

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