2 side educational play mat UMAT-161210

2 Side Educational Baby Mattress

  • Material XPE (X-Linked Polyethylene)
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Fireproof, water resistant
  • UV resistant
  • It can also be used outside
  • Resistant to chemical substances
  • Highly resistant to bacteria, it cannot be eaten by insects
  • It resists to temperatures from -40 °C to +115 °C
  • 2 sizes: 1.8m*1.5m*1.0cm and 1.6m*1.2m*1.0cm
  • Special cover for protection, transport and easy storage
  • Non-toxic

When the baby starts to move, crawl, roll parents try to make the environment safe, better, healthier and to find educational toys.

Therefore, using an eco-friendly XPE (X-Linked Polyethylene) material, we offer a high quality non-toxic educational baby mattress. It is fireproof, water, UV, high and low temperatures resistant, features that makes it both indoor and outdoor ideal play mat. Also, is highly resistant to bacteria, it cannot be eaten by insects and you can wash it with any cleaning products due to it’s resistance to chemical substances.

Our product comes in 2 sizes each with 2 different sides:

  • 6m*1.2m*1.0cm – one side with colored stars and animals and one side has an image of a miniature town with roads, a circus, tractors, a rainbow, a sun and a plane on the sky, a river and trees
  • 8m*1.5m*1.0cm – both sides full of color, with letters, numbers and funny animals and objects.

This 2-side educational baby mattress also has a special blue cover for protection, transport and easy storage.

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