Leak-proof protection

Breast pad – leak proof protection

  • The box contains 48 absorbent pads
  • Packaged individually for hygiene
  • The milk surplus is transformed into gel, avoiding the staining of clothes
  • Contain superabsorbent polymers
  • Soft, comfortable, light
  • 3D contour shape
  • Anti-slip adhesive tape

Not just after giving birth, but also weeks before it, is common for every woman to have breast and nipple discharge (leaks). This is an unpredictable and uncomfortable, but a healthy process. It shows a good lactation, prevents engorgement and the fullness felt in breasts is relieved.

We know and understand all of this, so we prepared the perfect leak proof protection pads. Our absorbent pads have 3D contour shape, are comfortable, soft and light, equipped with anti-slip adhesive tape, perfect for on-to-go use.

Being easy to put in the bra, our pads will help in avoiding the staining of clothes by transforming the milk surplus into gel. The moisture will be wicked away by the non-toxic superabsorbent polymers contained by the U-Grow breast pads.

A box has 48 absorbent pads that are packaged individually for hygiene, so it can easily be put in a bag.

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