Silicone baby bottles with temperature sensor A-1106

Silicone Baby Bottles with Temperature Sensor 150 ml A-1106

  • Wide neck opening
  • Suitable for feeding juice and cereal to your baby
  • The bottle is equipped with arched handles, enabling the baby to hold it better and drink easier
  • Anti colic nipple
  • Easy to clean and resistant to temperatures as high as 160°C
  • BPA Free
  • Size: L (6 months+)

Every parent has his own way to find out if the milk in their baby’s bottle is at the right temperature for consumption, but our baby bottle eliminates all of the guesswork. It has a special sensor that tells you exactly if the milk temperature in it is suitable to be consumed by the little one. If the heat sensor changes from blue to white, the liquid is too hot and you need to wait before feeding your baby. Once the liquid is at a comfortable temperature for consumption, the sensor color returns to it natural blue color.

Our baby bottle comes with a special anti-colic nipple that lets air flow steadily into the bottle, not into your baby stomach and minimizes infant colic. The nipple is also made of flexible material, so the baby can control the liquid flow itself.

Beside milk, you can also nourish your baby with juice and cereal. Our bottle has the optimum nipple flow for thicker liquids, so is suitable for feeding juice and cereal to your baby and for mixing and heating formulas. It`s super soft and simple to use and it`s equipped with arched handles, enabling the baby to hold it better and drink easier. It ensures an enjoyable feeding time for your baby.

The wide bottle neck allows you to fill and clean it in no time as well, and the protective cap closes all the tiny openings to prevent leakage. Food or liquids stored in the bottle for a long time will not smell of plastic; a sense of purity and freshness is preserved.

Also, the product is made of durable, heat-resistant and burst-resistant liquid silicone. Made from soft material, the product is compressible, portable and flexible, helping you save space while traveling. Our product is BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about Bisphenol-A in your baby’s milk when you feed her/him from this bottle.

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