Urinal for little boys U6816-G

Urinal for little boys

  • 2 colors: blue and green
  • Funny toy watermill
  • It can be attached to the wall with suction cups or it can be used
    on the floor
  • BPA free
  • Non-toxic
  • Flow: 1-4 years

Potty training is an important stage in your baby’s development, but a challenging and complicated process for both babies and parents. Therefore, besides the need for products simple to clean, a potty must be comfortable and with an attractive design for your baby.

Because we know and understand all of that, and to make the transition from diapers easier, we provide you a special product, a colored urinal for little boys.

Our product has a funny design that looks like a frog, with eyes and removable feet. It can be also attached to the wall by suction cups. Therefore, it is a urinal perfect even for a stubborn little boy.

Due to it’s funny toy watermill, your baby boy will have fun learning to do his business in a straight direction. He will also feel like a big boy by using a urinal instead of a potty.

Also, our product is safe with BPA free, non-toxic and cand be used by boys with age between 1 and 4 years.

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